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my week so far circus & more!!

April 26th, 2006 at 04:00 pm

Well the other night my husband got called for another job interview for a job he has been wanting it would mean more money & its close to home with gas prices the way they are he talking about getting a bike to ride this makes me so happy!! He has alot more chances to move up too at that job.

THen last night we went to the circus the guy behind me was 10 times more entertaining than the circus itself me being the TW I am I didnt want to buy anything well we bought coloring books cause DH made me buy the kids them & you get a # on those for a chance to win a bike & I said oh we will never win that but sure enough we did so that will teach me to be a TW I hated the fact that dh was right we actually won it LOL!!

THen today I got a call for a job interview a job for a great company I would love to work for it would be 2 nights a week over nights so I could keep my current pt job & do this too it would work out perfect so I hope I get & dh gets his job. Things would really be great then I would also have more opportunity to move up if I got it so that would be awesome.

Well tommorrow is Kindegarten Registration for my 5yr old I cant believe it I remember when we took my 11 yr old for it & now her sister is going dont seem possible!!

So that is my week so far been trying not to spend this week either been doing good so far so try to keep that going seems like our biggest expense is food all the time. I have money tied up in 2 vehicles right now too until my old car sales so we are on a tighter than usual budget at the moment!!

Sunday weekend off continues

April 23rd, 2006 at 06:06 pm

Well since its my first weekend off work in forever & only due to no babysitter. And it was a super nice day out I decided to enjoy it. I went to church this morning with the kids afterwards made them grilled cheeses & hotdogs. Then went to the park a neat park on the otherside of town they loved it they got wore out so we stopped at walmart got a chicken for $4 a whole chicken cooked & everything came home ate it & went to my grandmas she enjoyed seeing them & they loved seeing her she fed the kids icecream & we took them behind her apt so they could play & they did they played hard.

Then we went to my moms they played again & my oldest dipped her feet in the water its warming up hopefully soon we can swim in the lake again. Now we are home everyone is getting ready for bed. It has been a great weekend off But I really do prefer days off in the week not as many people out & about but it was good I got to enjoy all my kids.

rummage sales saturday

April 22nd, 2006 at 09:01 pm

well made it to that rummage in at the church at 8am tons of people already leaving it got some good buys their book sets in original box for no more than $1 hard books too so gave those each to my youngest girls cause got 2 then a great big hard back book for both of them great shape too & some dresses for my middle daughter & a outfit for my youngest & one nightgown carebears looked brand new $1 spent less than $10 thier then to the school that was a zoo got about 5 dresses spent 2.75 thier then stopped at this one on west 19th & it was horrid tons of nice stuff all like 5-10 bucks said forget this so now am home have to share what I got with someone so anyways all these clothes & books for under $13 hailey was thrilled thinks she is spoiled now with all this garagae sale stuff & here one of the book sets had a sticker of $17 on it & I got it for $1 & everything else for less than its original price!! I wish I had started doing this years ago rummage saling that it!!

The key I am finding out is be the first one thier ya know the saying the early bird gets the worm