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Well been a LONG day but fun!!!

May 26th, 2006 at 10:01 pm

Started out going to a few garage sales got a box set of hard books for .25 winnie the pooh super cute & some clothes for the girls one outfit NWT & a big sponge puzzle for .25 they played with that all night & spent $6 all together today all together so was thrilled & so were the kids.

Then I went & picked up oldest dd she had an early out then I picked up my mom & we did 2 testdrives together so we will get $75 each when they come so was happy with that. Stopped at chuckie cheese its been awhile since I been thier had some coupons & we were clear out by one we never can go to so we went thier the kids had a lot of fun my mom paid half too so after the coupon & that it only cost me $15 so not bad for me & my 3 kids they played games for about an hour.

THen went to my grandmas & got something she got free a bag of goodies even had dog treats in it so I gave that to my other grandmas dog the one who passed away & we have her dog then the kids all got stuff out of the bag too oldest dd took the socks & my youngest took the bag for a purse & middle dd took the perfume samples!!

Then came home was exhausted at least it was a day of trying to make money & the kids were not too bored they got free popcorn & cookies at one of the dealers!!

So that saved me stopping to buy them snacks too. So now just wait for the certificates too come. And get ready for work tommorrow which is the only day I work because of the holiday weekend. Even though today was kinda work but not really.

Gonna have another garage sale!!

May 22nd, 2006 at 03:39 pm

Trying to clean out my clutter & make some extra cash!! I need all the help I can get right now. ITs getting fun since I made $50 off only a few things this past saturday at my moms I am hoping I can do this again soon if I have a friday or sat off. And thinking about doing pop too for the kids to sale & make a little off of. My goal is to only do things to create more money nothing to spend money. I still need to get my old car sold its at my brothers & not selling so I may take an ad out this week & get it gone thats only costing me money to keep it. So that is my week so far finally better after having a soar throat all weekend so working tommorrow. Hoping my voice holds up for it

Trying to make money & save money!!

May 20th, 2006 at 01:41 pm

Well I lost my voice so I had to miss work today I did get a reschedule for tuesday though thanks goodness!! I need the money so badly right now. I really really hated to miss today I knew it would be a good day & I would make more today than tuesday because I will get $10 deducted for doing it on an off day. So I went to the dr & got medicine to get better so hoping I dont have to miss tommorrow. Took somethings to my moms house for the garage sale made $50 I guess she called & told me but I was too sick to go over thier. SO that is my weekend trying to make money & its not working out!!

The weekend

May 15th, 2006 at 08:09 am

Well it was ok Saturday I worked did some ok foods it went by fast. Then took my kids & grandma to the carnival that is next to grandmas apt. She did give the kids some money wow it got expensive with 3 kids riding rides. THis is the only carnival to that we will go to all summer so it wasnt too bad I spent $30 & grandma spent $10 not too bad the 2 yr old had a blast on the slide she was loving that she wanted to do it alone but no way was I letting her. And she was willing to get on anything but some things she is just too small for alot differnt than last year when she wouldnt even get on the merry go round.

The 2 older kids rode a few rides together & had alot of fun I know my grandma loves going to the carnival too although she dont ride any rides she loves watching the kids I think. Then took everyone to this little place to eat they have the best food & very cheap so the kids got to spend lots of time with great grandma!!

Then Sunday I worked didnt go to bad I had no samples but sold about 25 of the thing I was promoting so better than I thought for mothers day. Got off work & took a cake to my mom for mothers day was only like $2 for the cake with a GC & card I give her a gc because she helps so much with the girls when I am working so its my way of paying her for that too.

Guess my brother called to while I was at work & talked to my oldest about my mom & what to get her for mothers day sounds like he thought she was me FUNNY!!

THen the kids came home & were all tired & the weekend was over thank goodness now today back to school for the kids & no work for me today so its a good thing. TOmmorrow the 5yr old graduates preschool though so that should be fun cant wait to see it.


May 12th, 2006 at 07:06 pm

Well started the day off garage saling with my 2 yr old got some good deals for my 5yr old. Got some school clothes for the fall. THen helped her sale some candy for tball. Then went to another garage sale that started around 4 & then to my grandmas which was funny she lives in a senior housing complex & this guy was mowing & all these old ladies were outside yelling at the poor guy!! Not my grandma though but she was having a fit he was getting grass on her sidewalk!!

Then went home for awhile before I had to pick up a car full of 11 yr old girls FUN!! Dropped them off at the rollerskating rink & then went to another garage sale with my 2yr old & 5yr old got some books & 1 arthur & dw house set with the little people to play in it totaled up all I spent today was $13 for about 4 outfits for my 5yr old 3 pairs of mudd socks for my 11 yr old 6 books & 1 puzzle & a mini etch a sketch & the arthur set so felt I did good today!! I dont have many days I can go garage saling so know its not becoming addicting I will go next saturday to my moms city anual before I go to work & that will be the end for awhile!! I work to many weekends for this to become a bad habbit.

Well just got the candy bars yesterday & she has sold almost all of them so that is good she has another game tommorrow & this time dads on his own I am working but my mom said she would go so hopefully that helps with her sisters. Want to take my grandma too but will wait tell their is a game at the field by her apt. SO that is my friday so far so good back to work tommorrow EWW I have some boring jobs this weekend which I never look forward to but I need the money so I never turn a job down if I can help it. Cant wait tell monday I only work sat. & sun this week so not too bad!!

Been a strange day!!!

May 10th, 2006 at 08:06 pm

Well been a weird day today is the day my dad died 7yrs ago so I always think what was I doing at that time & so on well I found my dad that day a little after 1pm well today at 1:05 my 2 yr old blurts out GRANDPA ABOUT 3 TIMES IN A ROW!! I am sure it was in no way just a strange coincidence!! She has never had a grandpa so she has never said that word before I looked up at the clock & about fell over I didnt mention it to my husband he might think I am a quack but it was SOOO wierd!!

Then went to my moms tonight heard all about the arguments of my brother & my niece & the ex are having about my nieces college lets just say someone has some high hope for that kid & its not the one paying for her educatioN!! Imagine that.

Then came home was called for a job for a company I only work for once in a blue moon & they have a job coming up pays $400 for 2 days I am so happy!!
We really can use that money right now!!

Then called my friend we were discussing what some people do for a living & out of the blue she goes well you are just a sahm to me out of the blue & was all kinds of rude to me & I never cut on her I really felt like saying what are you than ya know but I held it back!! She is just on welfare which I have always kept my mouth shut about. I just said well I am making as much as my husband & I work 4 days a week!! SO I am not just a sahm I also an eductator to my kids they are in school but I also work with them & help them along & I do everything around here while my husband helps with practically nothing!!

I just get so sick of people saying that like just cause I dont work 9-5 m-f I am nothing well sorry right now I am making more by doing this & working less so why would I switch just irritates me & I have no babysitting costs.

SO I am done I am not wasting my time with her anymore!! She makes me way to upset so that was my day a strange day at that!! I help out way to much to be treated like that!!

SO that is my day now tommorrow back to tball & I cant wait I am loving it so are the kids the whole family is really getting involved in it its great!!

Well been a busy week

May 6th, 2006 at 07:10 pm

Been so busy this last week getting ready for my 5yr old to graduate preschool & my oldest will graduate from grade school soon & my mom is graduating college all this month so alots going on. And alot of summer activities starting my oldest has dances & swimming & rollerskating going on always something & my 5yr old starts tball tommorrow

I have also started getting my finances straight AGAIn & it feels great my husband called me a money hungry scammer last night sorry I am still laughing about it. Thats one I have never been called before. I may like money but its only cause right now I need it to survive. oF COURSE I DO WHO DONT?? BUT ONE THING I have never done is scam anyone hes just different when it comes to money than I am. I know I need it to survive he acts like it will fall from a tree he does nothing to creat a better situation financially for himself.

Well I am feeling different this week I am making as much as my husband now & I am only working 20 hours a week hes working at least 50 a week. I am just feeling good like I am actually taking care of myself again. I have never depended on anyone until I met him I was very independent. I feel like I have gotten my independce back & it feels great!!

Well for the dogs they are doing ok the older inherited dog is starting to loose control of her bladder. I am scared for her & the kids we love her so much she is old & sweet as a pie. She was my grandmas dog we have had her since nov. & everyone is getting so attached to her the 2 yr old shares her blankey with her & everything. So I hope shes ok for awhile longer at this point I dont know what we would do without her. We dont know her age for sure but granmda has had her since 93 so at least 13 but we dont know how she was when grandma took her in. So thats about all that is new on this side cant wait for summer & to swim at the lake again I live for summertime & the outdoors wont be long now!!