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December 8th, 2011 at 03:13 am

Well so far only the last 2 weeks have been cold & snowy so we have made the best of it went sledding 3 times already kids love it today we made tons of homemade playdough found some old playdough toys in my basement so didnt have to go out & buy any. We have been watching some movies inside got some from my mom & some from the library!! I also got free tickets to go to a movie so far so good this winter is not too bad!!! I am trying my hardest to prevent cabin fever & not spend alot of money at the same time!!! Oh ya we also visited the library!!!


September 10th, 2011 at 03:27 pm

Well this week I went back to full time at workso that will bring me more money with the kids all back in school I figure I can work more hours again. I have started paying cash or using a debit card so I can get rid of any debts we have.

My husband was on vacation this week so he went to the plasma center they gave him $20 on a prepaid visa card the second time he got $55 & the 3rd time this next week they will give him $75 and he likes doing it said its easy money Im glad he likes it cause he does way better with a prepaid visa then a regular debit card he kept overdrafting himself on it. I dont know if I will try it Id rather work more hours than do that!!!

The girls were in serious need of jeans for school so I hit up one great garage sale which happened to also be my cousin got the girls tons of jeans & some shoes & shirt for $27 Im happy and they are set for winter all like new namebrand jeans too.

Im considering cutting back cell phones & cable too thinking we will go to prepaid phones & the cable I think I will go to dish these 2 changes should save me about $300 a month if not more.

my weekend

January 10th, 2010 at 03:26 am

well trying to save money so did a free trial for movies & got them today got cloudy with a chance of meatballs & leapfrog for the kids tommorrow I was kinda hoping for a cheap day but

I dont see it happening gotta get dd new glasses probably $100 easy but that is a must so she can see again & gotta get groceries also a must then I will go to library & order a cheap pizza so kinda a cheap weekend only spending the must haves!!!

Been trying to start selling online its been so going but I have a feeling it will take of soon

been along time since I blogged

January 4th, 2010 at 04:19 am

I have wanted to come back for awhile it just took me awhile to get back so much changed since my last post its been a rough last year 18 months I lost my brother in a car accident 1 yr ago & my husband had surgery a total hip replacement this past summer I am working a pt job with great pay though so I been trying to keep us afloat my hardest

Well we got into some debt with my husband being off work & with me loosing my brother I wont deny I did some spending I should have not done

SO I am back in 2010 to get this taken care of my challenge is to not spend we recently bought the money saving washer & dryer I got it on black friday for $900 so hoping that saves me money I was using my brothers old set so I will give that to my mom when she moves this spring I am trying to get back into rebates & cooking from scratch just strated selling online again too!!! Gonna try to do only free stuff with the kids from here till summer I wanna pay off as much debt as I can I will post every week at least

Today we only spent gc money & I been renting movies from the redbox only $1 a day much cheaper than go to a store & for xmas I only spent about $350 so I got off really really cheap in my opinion


May 28th, 2007 at 03:07 am

Well thank goodness school is almost out the kids have so much going on the last few weeks with graduations & all. THings are sure going good right now for us I sure hope they keep going good but who knows they probably wont. Have been to tons of rummages but cant find anything this year hardly at all. Hit about 2 good ones & thats it. Worked my one job last night & took today to go put flowers on my dad & fil & grandparents. Will work again tommorrow hope its a good day hard telling since its a holiday how it will go. Sure cant wait for the warm weather to get here I cant wait to take the kids to the lake & they cant wait either but its only been around 69-70 here lately. Well thats my spring summed up.

no more throwing out food

March 28th, 2007 at 04:19 am

Well I decided yesterday no more wasting food so I used my rotton bannanas & made homemade bannana bread got online & got a simple recipe & my 3yr old thought I was loosing my mind & at the same time she had fun with it too!!!

I usually dont go scratch on it but figured hey I have all the stuff why not then almost didnt find my pan but figured if I couldnt I could always make muffins well found the bread pan shoved clear back in the cabinets. Everyone loves it but SHH dont tell anyone its from scratch cause then they would probably not eat it!!


March 26th, 2007 at 03:47 am

Well the last few weeks my husband is working 12 hrs a day 7days a week & I am working my 2 pt jobs & we are really paying down stuff fast. Well we havent even started getting big checks from it yet either I think we just dont have time to spend so its paying off in that respect too. But almost all our debt is gone & should by next month. That would be the first time in years we had 0

Well been 70 here lately perfect outside been taking the kids on the bike trail every night. They just love it & thier bikes are like new from last year so expenses thier.

Well garage sales kicked off here this weekend went to one huge one & didnt find much they raised the entry fee for sellers so their prices went up too much for me oh well I know their are tons more good ones to come. I cant wait & came home & started sorting threw the kids old stuff to get rid of come may's annual sale. Sorry if my senteces arent proper or spelled correctly but this my blog not school & I am only half awake as I type this.


March 13th, 2007 at 02:39 am

Well dh found out come thurs he may not have a job due to a strike. Well thank goodness we have some options not only do we have the general savings, I have 2 pt jobs that can go ft anytime I choose to work that many hrs. And he has the option to go back to work where he worked before. I also have the option to sale my car which is paid for at anytime so if need be we will do that too.

So glad we kept our lines of work flexiable we will now be ok in case they strike he is to new to be union so that leaves him out in the cold I guess. I am so happy that we have options because if we didnt have 3 other options with jobs & some other things like a van & stuff we could sale in a heartbeat if need be I would be scared since we have 3 kids counting on us. Oh ya & we used our tax refund to pay off the student loans & we had some other money from the sale of my old car we paid off debts with so we shall be ok!!


January 8th, 2007 at 05:56 am

Well I have took this month off from working. Thats the great thing about this job I can do that. I go back feb 3rd & I am loving it my kids & I are having so much fun. We walked the mall today & yesterday went all day to this huge toy place they played all day together it was awesome they had never been thier before so it was a real treat for them.

Well in less than 2 weeks my baby will be 3 I cant believe it where does the time go & in 3 weeks my oldest baby will be 12 geez I thought she would be a baby forever & here she is gonna be 12. I sill remember when I brought her home from the hospital just like it was yesterday!! We brought her home on my dads bday she was definetley his bday present!! As I was to his dad I was actually born though on my grandpas bday. I miss my dad so much I hate that he didnt get to see my kids grow up that he cant be here for their xmas programs & such.

Well I decided I am ready to move I am going to the bank tommorrow & starting a house fund savings account I will call it. And hopefully in a year or two I will enough saved we can get out of this hole. The plumbing is so bad every house I have lived in has had bad plumbing I would love to build or buy a brand new house hopefully that would mean no plumbing issues!!! Well off to bed


January 3rd, 2007 at 05:25 am

Well I decided I will start the year off in good financial state so I will try to stay out of the stores this year out of the store means no spending for me!!!

Well I had to get somewhere today & get a few things so went to walgreens got some stuff saved $16 in coupons & then used my $10 walgreens gc from a rebate & also got the kids a popcorn tin for $1.49 awesome deal all together spent $22 & the good news is $20 I will get back in rebates so I feel I am off to a pretty good start I hope I think!!

So keep 2007 coming hopefully my finances start really looking up & up & up!!!

new years eve

January 1st, 2007 at 04:32 am

Well here it is & its 10:30 pm & my dates for tonight are asleep LOL!! They were my girls & my dh & everyone is snoozing!!! So much for our party unless they all wake up soon.

Well its very icey here & I still have an ear infection otherwise I would be tempted to go to the bar or something LOL!!

Well its been a great year looking back my oldest went to middle school this year & my middle dd started kindegarten finacially things are really looking up for us. Hopefully things will only get better in 2007 cant believe its almost here. Well come jan. we will enroll our almost 3yr old in preschool so I will for once in like a long long time have some free time!! She will only go 2 or 3 days a week for a few hours but hopefully I can get some much needed things done around the house.

As for everything I feel we all improved in 2006 hopefully 2007 is only better!!!

xmas & winding up the year

December 23rd, 2006 at 04:26 am

Well last weekend my 2 youngest were reindeers in the xmas pagent at church it was so cute & funny I really hope their great grandma liked it I know I sure did!!! Cant believe my 2yr old did this I am still in shock.

Well xmas is almost here & I am ready for it just need to buy a dvd player tommorrow & not looking forward to going out with the crowds!! I just got a 2nd month of blockbuster online free the kids love leappad movies & the sing alongs & we get a few movies too & here the dvd player broke!!!

Well I am so ready for this year to be over its been a good year though dh got a new job & we both made more than the past so we are really ahead of ourselves I am so pleased!! Now we need to quit spending its been hard with the holidays with the kids & all we spent way too much!!!

I think xmas is way too commericialized dh dont think we get enough for our kids & I think we get way too much for them so who knows. I reallly stretch the money too I just think if they get alot they dont appreciate or really have 1 specail toy ya know. But since he makes like 6 times the money I do its all in what he wants well off too bed now

THis weekend

December 3rd, 2006 at 02:23 am

Well I could rant on about my problems but I wont I dont want to bore myself with them so on a brighter note some things couldnt be going more better!!!

Got more bags of free items or super close to made up for xmas today I got 2 made up of some speciality coffees one for my grandma & one for my moms husband & that were totaly FREEE & one for my new niece of bath wash & rubby duckys & lotions for under $4 & I got 2 Bath & body works sets for free so one will go to my niece & one to my grandma.

Today I only spent about $10 I bought stamps & the kids supper we ate some buritos for lunch I got for free so felt I could splurge on dinner.

Went to walmart yesterday only spent $10 got milk pullups & eggs & stuff like that had a free pullups coupon so didnt have to pay much!!! Got the free movies from blockbusters free trial so thats been keeping the kiddos busy somewhat!! Oh ya also took them to the art center so spent no money on entertainment only the $10 eating out tommorrow we will go to church with my grandma & the kids will be practicing the upcoming xmas program!!! ALL & ALL a pretty good weekend!!!


November 25th, 2006 at 03:29 am

I WAS in line at 4am at Sears for the $10 gc got that at 5am ran as fast as my legs could take me to shoe carnival & got $10 thier then ran to jcpenneys & got the free snow globe!!!

Then ran to younker to use my $10 off $10 coupons which I had 7 of I got fancy $30 pans for $5 bucks so I bought 3 of them!!!

I got my 2 youngest daughters addidas outfits for $12 a piece after the coupons & also bought them robes not a great deal on those but I feel in love with them & was screwed cause they didnt have a sign that said door buster or anything & the coupon couldnt be used on doorbusters well they rang up door buster what a crock!!! I could have argued but I was exhausted by that point & not in the mood heck everything in their was a DOORBUSTER SO IT WAS BY NO MEANS A SUPRISE!!!

Then I ran back to the mall & used my $10 gc at sears & got oldest dd a mp3 player for $10 after the coupon & rebate!!! Then went to bath & body works & used 2 coupons got two $10 items FREE WITH & SPENT $3 then went to hickory farms got a great deal on 2 logs of my favorite cheese waited a whole year for it was $8 all together after the earlybirds specials!!!

Then back to pennies got oldest dd some clothes she needed desperately for pics tommorrow not a great deal their either but she has to have 14plus in girls & they are the only place I can find it buts he really did need some jeans badly!!!

Then cruised back to shoe carnival & got 4 packs of socks for the kiddos $3 after $10 gift card then home!!! Picked up the girls & went for haircuts oldest & middle daugthers had buy 1 get one free thier so only $12 for both of them YAY!!!! Oh & no need to worry on gas I used my free $50 gas card I got in the mail!!! Does anyone appreciate this savings HECK NO DH thinks I spend too much HUH???

BUSY BUSY busy weekend

November 12th, 2006 at 05:28 am

Well worked today it was a zoo getting close to xmas will only get worse & today was my daughters 6th bday had a party for her friends last night & tonight we took her to Chuckie cheese I hope she is thrilled!!! Spent tons of time with my sil who came to town just for the bday she was the only relative besides my mom who seems to care about my kids so I gave her baby tons of stuff I got free baby meds & baby wash & diapers all kinds of stuff I hope she is happy with it. She just had a baby so I am hoping it comes in handy.

The kids loved seeing thier new cousin then went shopping at the mall had a coupon for $10/10 so got dh a pullover for $8 he was so happy hes been wanting new ones I just been waiting for a deal & went to B&Body works & got my free lotions spent $1 for my purchase cause it was buy something get the item free so stocking up on those for xmas!!!

Man I had never been thier before I cant believe the money people spend on that junk & the place is packed all the time!!!
So thats all I spent at the mall except for on dd's bday but I also used coupons at chuckie cheese!!! And spent a total of $11 on her presents I bought her a fish came she is most thrilled with a big letter book for .25 at a garage sale & $3 jammies on clearance which she also loves!!! Well back to church & work tommorrow pounding away at the old grindstone!!!