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January 7th, 2007 at 09:56 pm

Well I have took this month off from working. Thats the great thing about this job I can do that. I go back feb 3rd & I am loving it my kids & I are having so much fun. We walked the mall today & yesterday went all day to this huge toy place they played all day together it was awesome they had never been thier before so it was a real treat for them.

Well in less than 2 weeks my baby will be 3 I cant believe it where does the time go & in 3 weeks my oldest baby will be 12 geez I thought she would be a baby forever & here she is gonna be 12. I sill remember when I brought her home from the hospital just like it was yesterday!! We brought her home on my dads bday she was definetley his bday present!! As I was to his dad I was actually born though on my grandpas bday. I miss my dad so much I hate that he didnt get to see my kids grow up that he cant be here for their xmas programs & such.

Well I decided I am ready to move I am going to the bank tommorrow & starting a house fund savings account I will call it. And hopefully in a year or two I will enough saved we can get out of this hole. The plumbing is so bad every house I have lived in has had bad plumbing I would love to build or buy a brand new house hopefully that would mean no plumbing issues!!! Well off to bed


January 2nd, 2007 at 09:25 pm

Well I decided I will start the year off in good financial state so I will try to stay out of the stores this year out of the store means no spending for me!!!

Well I had to get somewhere today & get a few things so went to walgreens got some stuff saved $16 in coupons & then used my $10 walgreens gc from a rebate & also got the kids a popcorn tin for $1.49 awesome deal all together spent $22 & the good news is $20 I will get back in rebates so I feel I am off to a pretty good start I hope I think!!

So keep 2007 coming hopefully my finances start really looking up & up & up!!!