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no more throwing out food

March 27th, 2007 at 09:19 pm

Well I decided yesterday no more wasting food so I used my rotton bannanas & made homemade bannana bread got online & got a simple recipe & my 3yr old thought I was loosing my mind & at the same time she had fun with it too!!!

I usually dont go scratch on it but figured hey I have all the stuff why not then almost didnt find my pan but figured if I couldnt I could always make muffins well found the bread pan shoved clear back in the cabinets. Everyone loves it but SHH dont tell anyone its from scratch cause then they would probably not eat it!!


March 25th, 2007 at 08:47 pm

Well the last few weeks my husband is working 12 hrs a day 7days a week & I am working my 2 pt jobs & we are really paying down stuff fast. Well we havent even started getting big checks from it yet either I think we just dont have time to spend so its paying off in that respect too. But almost all our debt is gone & should by next month. That would be the first time in years we had 0

Well been 70 here lately perfect outside been taking the kids on the bike trail every night. They just love it & thier bikes are like new from last year so expenses thier.

Well garage sales kicked off here this weekend went to one huge one & didnt find much they raised the entry fee for sellers so their prices went up too much for me oh well I know their are tons more good ones to come. I cant wait & came home & started sorting threw the kids old stuff to get rid of come may's annual sale. Sorry if my senteces arent proper or spelled correctly but this my blog not school & I am only half awake as I type this.


March 12th, 2007 at 07:39 pm

Well dh found out come thurs he may not have a job due to a strike. Well thank goodness we have some options not only do we have the general savings, I have 2 pt jobs that can go ft anytime I choose to work that many hrs. And he has the option to go back to work where he worked before. I also have the option to sale my car which is paid for at anytime so if need be we will do that too.

So glad we kept our lines of work flexiable we will now be ok in case they strike he is to new to be union so that leaves him out in the cold I guess. I am so happy that we have options because if we didnt have 3 other options with jobs & some other things like a van & stuff we could sale in a heartbeat if need be I would be scared since we have 3 kids counting on us. Oh ya & we used our tax refund to pay off the student loans & we had some other money from the sale of my old car we paid off debts with so we shall be ok!!