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garage sale days

September 30th, 2006 at 09:26 pm

Well today was city wide garage sale days I had one made around $45 off stuff I got free mainly I had a stockpile sale my mom made $75 so it wasnt a complete waste. I spent about $20 getting my kids some awesome clothes & books.

I got big hard books for .25 & cute kohls & sears outfits all $2 or less I was so thrilled my 5 yr old seen the books & screamed she was so happy she loves books & these were all $20-$25 new books & they were in new condition too

I put half the books away for xmas so I got 6 of those books & about 10 outfits for $20 I am happy I cant believe all these people who were saling such nice expensive stuff so cheap.

I really hope my husband appreciates the fact that I buy garage sale stuff & am not out spending all his money like some of these people appeared they had done.

I mean one women had tables & tables of very expensive clothing items all kids clothes. I thought wonder how much in debt she went over that ya know I hope I never do stuff like that. I will stick to garage sales this was the first one I went to in a long time their is one more huge one next weekend & then I am done tell next spring and the kids should be set for the winter I cant believe the comments too I get on the garage sale clothes people always say oh how cute & so on oh ya I also sold some stuff I bought at garage sales last year & made back what I paid!!!


September 17th, 2006 at 08:23 pm

I still have the picture of my oldest daughter about 8 months OLD maybe a little younger eyes WIde open staring at the race horse my dads race horse that had just won & we were all in the picture me olding my baby daughter.

Well this past weekend they had some live races here they only have 1 weekend a year & I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the race track oldest daughter now almost 12 goes whats that?? What do they do??

Thought it was so funny here this baby I thought for sure in 1995 would grow up to be a jockey I know I had high hopes what can I say I was 18 at the time LOL or at least work with horses didnt even know what the horse track was??!!!

I told her its where you bet on horses she said oh no we dont want to gamble & waste our money guess she has been paying attention!!! I wanted to jump up & down she did learn something!!!

Well we went anyways they had free pony rides & all kinds of stuff for kids & we watched two races lost $12 & went home the kids had fun but also realized I lost the $12 & at least oldest daughter knew that WASNT fun to loose money we bet on the color the purple & pink ones bad decision LOL!! Well this was the first time I bet in years & no it wasnt fun for me to loose either even though it was only $12!!!