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Well searching for a new job

June 30th, 2006 at 07:11 pm

I have decided I really really need to find something else maybe a reall job & do what I been doing on the side. So the last few weeks when not working I am out searching. I have an interview next week I talked my mom into applying thier too hoping if we both got on we could carpool its a little ways away. Some of the other places I havent heard back from & hoping to soon!!!

One job I really really want I had a interview with & havent heard back yet I called today they said it could be awhile before I hear back not a good sign IMO.

So many places have went under around here lately its really hard to find anything!! A big new company just came to town I went to apply thier but they are only hiring for 11-8 shift & I definetly cant do that with the kids & school & all.

Well oldest dd started babysitting she is an awesome babysitter. So I am thrilled about that I think she can make alot of money at it. I am trying to teach her indepdence!! Well thats all the excitement in my life for now looking forward to the 4th we all have the day off thank goodness!!!


June 17th, 2006 at 07:04 pm

Well yesterday stopped at 2 garage sales only spent .50 on this robot for 5yr old dd she loved it though & it worked & everything just like new so for .50 not bad!!! Then took the kids swimming at the lake & they got to drive my brothers boat they love that I have never even drove one so they are up at least 1 on me!!
Then came home last night & stayed because we had a huge storm.

Today I worked looked for some new swimsuits while I was thier couldnt believe it they want around $17 a piece for kids think the kids will just have to make do with they got!! I always buy at the end of season so usually I pay less than $2 for them but oldest & youngest dd could use one more that fit good because we go to the lake usually 3-4 days a week in the summer months I like them to have a few but no way am I paying $17-18 a piece for them oh well they will survive!! But man I must be getting cheap LOL!! So that is my weekend so far now tommorrow church with grandma & monday dd#2 starts swim lessons & finishes with her tball games!!

summer so far so good

June 13th, 2006 at 03:17 pm

Well dear MIL was here last week for her annual visit thank goodness that is done with for another year!!! Didnt have to see her much partly because I worked somedays she came to visit the kids.

Well tball is almost done with too only 1 1/2 weeks left 3 games & we are done tell next year. And oldest dd completed the babysitting course last week threw the redcross so she is now certified!! Cant wait to get her some reall babysitting jobs right now I am testing her a few mins here & thier with her sisters alone. Only like 20 mins at a time gonna gradually move it up though. I really want her to start earning her own money she is already getting so independent she uses her allowance to buy whatever she needs. I am really wanting her to have a good work ethic and I can see she does already. Well I have lots of friends with small kids so hopefully that will soon get her some babysitting jobs.

Well its been hot her 105 almost everyday now. Been taking the kids to the lake alot my youngest 2 will get in now so its really fun. Not working much lately only at my real job 1 day a week the rest of the month which is fine I wanted some time off anyways so that is my june so far so hot!!

frugal pictures

June 6th, 2006 at 09:11 pm

Today we met with MIL & all of my childrens first cousins on that side to get pics taken at walmart spent an hour at least had lots of good pics of the kids. Well we went to look at them on the puter & some kid that came in with his mom had turned off the computer so only a few of the pics were saved. So my mil who was buying the pics got majority of them for free!!! Had to only retake a few to me it was worth it saved at least $20 or more!! So sometimes things like screwups can save us money. Then went back to dh's grandmas & visited with some kids from across country my husbands nieces to be exact & I havent seen them since they were tiny so it was a fun hot day think it was at least 100

memorial day weekend

June 2nd, 2006 at 07:35 pm

Cant believe June is here already & memorial day is over. Well Sunday dh got up early & the kids & I & him went to both cemetaries had flowers for both our dads & both our grandmas & both my grandpas. So had 6 all together 3 at one 3 at the other cause my one grandpa is buried at the same place as his family is. So we did all that I took pics of all the pretty flowers dh got mad at me about thaT. Then dh went to work & I took the kids to my moms on the lake & they swam then came home & oldest dd went to her dads & Monday dh had off so we all went to my moms she won this crazy drawing for a new patio set & huge monster grill & some money so we brought some food & she cooked it all on this new grill. Oh the food was so good!!

THe kids swam & my brother was thier upset he hurt his arm & couldnt get in a boat. he is a freak about boat & jet skis & all of that so he just stood by the lake with me & dh while we all wished we were out on a boat LOL!! But I decided we are not wasting money on a boat just yet even though dh is ready to after that!! I decided we need to pay the house off first & then save & then maybe buy a boat down the road & our youngest is only 2 so we should wait a few years tell she is older to buy one anyways. At least I did get him on the same page he wanted a 25k one & last night he decided he would settle for one under 2k more my style!!

So that was memorial day for us good food & fun with the whole family now this week MIL & that side will be here OH NO!!! I better get to cleaning house!!

work work work & more work

June 2nd, 2006 at 07:19 pm

Cant hardly find time for this blogging anymore I am trying so hard to work as much as I can & get caught up on bills seems like it never ends with 3 kids to feed!! At least that means one thing no time to spend money either!! Bad thing is no time for cleaning!!

Begged my husband & mom to watch the kids yesterday I had a 2 day contract for a company & it paid very well I didnt want to break it & dh had something come up as well as my mom. As for dh its his own problem if you ask me he wants a brand new truck so I have to work no questions asked but then he thinks I should be here so he can do other stuff on his time off. Like be at his beck & call for the kids just like when I didnt work at all.

I dont get that I dont think he does either. I am happy now because I am making money & taking care of our kids I am ready to go back full time but not ready to give up time with the kids well in 6 months dd1 will be in middle school & dd2 will be starting kindegarten & dd3 will be starting preschool I will go ft then no questions asked & dh will just have to get used to it.

The money is so nice we are getting somewhat further on bills even though they are never ending at least with us both working they are getting paid And I am not finding other alternatives.

I feel proud of myself right now for standing up to dh about my job yesterday & not letting him bully me about it. Like the old me would have done which is why I didnt do anything for 5yrs.

Well got a penneys coupon for $10/10 hoping to find some more & take oldest dd shopping she is so picky so I buy her clothes new she is like me when I was the same age clothes had to fit a certain way or I wasnt comfortable. Well this is my weekend so far looking forward to sunday no work & church with my grandma & kids I love that its our time with my grandma & thier great grandma!!