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summer so far so good

June 13th, 2006 at 03:17 pm

Well dear MIL was here last week for her annual visit thank goodness that is done with for another year!!! Didnt have to see her much partly because I worked somedays she came to visit the kids.

Well tball is almost done with too only 1 1/2 weeks left 3 games & we are done tell next year. And oldest dd completed the babysitting course last week threw the redcross so she is now certified!! Cant wait to get her some reall babysitting jobs right now I am testing her a few mins here & thier with her sisters alone. Only like 20 mins at a time gonna gradually move it up though. I really want her to start earning her own money she is already getting so independent she uses her allowance to buy whatever she needs. I am really wanting her to have a good work ethic and I can see she does already. Well I have lots of friends with small kids so hopefully that will soon get her some babysitting jobs.

Well its been hot her 105 almost everyday now. Been taking the kids to the lake alot my youngest 2 will get in now so its really fun. Not working much lately only at my real job 1 day a week the rest of the month which is fine I wanted some time off anyways so that is my june so far so hot!!

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