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learned to be a TW from where??

August 16th, 2006 at 08:58 pm

Guess I learned it from my 85 yr old grandma maybe!! I visited her today she is so tight she has a taped up laundry basket!! And if you new granny like I do you would know she has plenty of money to buy a $3 laundry basket!! I guess I will buy her one this week she goes to a laundry matt in a town with about 200 people where I grew up in & everyone knows us I would really hate for everyone to think granny really has to use this basket. I think she wants people to think she is poor or something!!

So maybe I learned to be so frugal from her sorry she is just so funny I had to share oh did I mention we get her new clothes for xmas every year yet she has my mom but new elastic in her same pants she has had since the 70s she is saving her new clothes for a special occasion!! She had some shoes the last time I seen her & I liked them I asked her where she got them she named a store that has been closed so long I dont even remember it & I will soon be 30!! Too bad more people I guess are not as cheap as her!!

Well gonna be a rough month but I do believe

August 11th, 2006 at 08:37 pm

we will make it threw!! I asked dh yesterday when his first check will be from his new job he said he still dont know so I got out the Emergency fund I had stashed away & put it in the bank yesterday it was my just in case money!! I know we will be fine now he may get paid next week & maybe not for 2 weeks after that we dont know yet with this new job.

But I feel like I came threw & I have few things I can sale online for some money so I will do that if he dont get a check next week. I am so glad though we are making it threw the month. We are paid up though on lots of bills so thats another reason thiers not much in the bank right now so at least I dont have a pile of bills looking at me with no money to pay them ya know>

Well I have the weekend off I will probably go to my moms & swim with the kids I did work today however its the first sat & sun I have had off in awhile. I wanted to have a garage sale but dh said he was working from 6am to 6pm tommorrow well that has changed!! I wish I could have would have helped for the grace period of no pay from his new job. Still cant wait to be done with this job & back to my old job the money will be nice I will sock it all away in savings too!! Well thats been my week!!