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September 10th, 2011 at 08:27 am

Well this week I went back to full time at workso that will bring me more money with the kids all back in school I figure I can work more hours again. I have started paying cash or using a debit card so I can get rid of any debts we have.

My husband was on vacation this week so he went to the plasma center they gave him $20 on a prepaid visa card the second time he got $55 & the 3rd time this next week they will give him $75 and he likes doing it said its easy money Im glad he likes it cause he does way better with a prepaid visa then a regular debit card he kept overdrafting himself on it. I dont know if I will try it Id rather work more hours than do that!!!

The girls were in serious need of jeans for school so I hit up one great garage sale which happened to also be my cousin got the girls tons of jeans & some shoes & shirt for $27 Im happy and they are set for winter all like new namebrand jeans too.

Im considering cutting back cell phones & cable too thinking we will go to prepaid phones & the cable I think I will go to dish these 2 changes should save me about $300 a month if not more.