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The weekend

May 15th, 2006 at 08:09 am

Well it was ok Saturday I worked did some ok foods it went by fast. Then took my kids & grandma to the carnival that is next to grandmas apt. She did give the kids some money wow it got expensive with 3 kids riding rides. THis is the only carnival to that we will go to all summer so it wasnt too bad I spent $30 & grandma spent $10 not too bad the 2 yr old had a blast on the slide she was loving that she wanted to do it alone but no way was I letting her. And she was willing to get on anything but some things she is just too small for alot differnt than last year when she wouldnt even get on the merry go round.

The 2 older kids rode a few rides together & had alot of fun I know my grandma loves going to the carnival too although she dont ride any rides she loves watching the kids I think. Then took everyone to this little place to eat they have the best food & very cheap so the kids got to spend lots of time with great grandma!!

Then Sunday I worked didnt go to bad I had no samples but sold about 25 of the thing I was promoting so better than I thought for mothers day. Got off work & took a cake to my mom for mothers day was only like $2 for the cake with a GC & card I give her a gc because she helps so much with the girls when I am working so its my way of paying her for that too.

Guess my brother called to while I was at work & talked to my oldest about my mom & what to get her for mothers day sounds like he thought she was me FUNNY!!

THen the kids came home & were all tired & the weekend was over thank goodness now today back to school for the kids & no work for me today so its a good thing. TOmmorrow the 5yr old graduates preschool though so that should be fun cant wait to see it.

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