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Well been a busy week

May 6th, 2006 at 07:10 pm

Been so busy this last week getting ready for my 5yr old to graduate preschool & my oldest will graduate from grade school soon & my mom is graduating college all this month so alots going on. And alot of summer activities starting my oldest has dances & swimming & rollerskating going on always something & my 5yr old starts tball tommorrow

I have also started getting my finances straight AGAIn & it feels great my husband called me a money hungry scammer last night sorry I am still laughing about it. Thats one I have never been called before. I may like money but its only cause right now I need it to survive. oF COURSE I DO WHO DONT?? BUT ONE THING I have never done is scam anyone hes just different when it comes to money than I am. I know I need it to survive he acts like it will fall from a tree he does nothing to creat a better situation financially for himself.

Well I am feeling different this week I am making as much as my husband now & I am only working 20 hours a week hes working at least 50 a week. I am just feeling good like I am actually taking care of myself again. I have never depended on anyone until I met him I was very independent. I feel like I have gotten my independce back & it feels great!!

Well for the dogs they are doing ok the older inherited dog is starting to loose control of her bladder. I am scared for her & the kids we love her so much she is old & sweet as a pie. She was my grandmas dog we have had her since nov. & everyone is getting so attached to her the 2 yr old shares her blankey with her & everything. So I hope shes ok for awhile longer at this point I dont know what we would do without her. We dont know her age for sure but granmda has had her since 93 so at least 13 but we dont know how she was when grandma took her in. So thats about all that is new on this side cant wait for summer & to swim at the lake again I live for summertime & the outdoors wont be long now!!

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