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May 12th, 2006 at 07:06 pm

Well started the day off garage saling with my 2 yr old got some good deals for my 5yr old. Got some school clothes for the fall. THen helped her sale some candy for tball. Then went to another garage sale that started around 4 & then to my grandmas which was funny she lives in a senior housing complex & this guy was mowing & all these old ladies were outside yelling at the poor guy!! Not my grandma though but she was having a fit he was getting grass on her sidewalk!!

Then went home for awhile before I had to pick up a car full of 11 yr old girls FUN!! Dropped them off at the rollerskating rink & then went to another garage sale with my 2yr old & 5yr old got some books & 1 arthur & dw house set with the little people to play in it totaled up all I spent today was $13 for about 4 outfits for my 5yr old 3 pairs of mudd socks for my 11 yr old 6 books & 1 puzzle & a mini etch a sketch & the arthur set so felt I did good today!! I dont have many days I can go garage saling so know its not becoming addicting I will go next saturday to my moms city anual before I go to work & that will be the end for awhile!! I work to many weekends for this to become a bad habbit.

Well just got the candy bars yesterday & she has sold almost all of them so that is good she has another game tommorrow & this time dads on his own I am working but my mom said she would go so hopefully that helps with her sisters. Want to take my grandma too but will wait tell their is a game at the field by her apt. SO that is my friday so far so good back to work tommorrow EWW I have some boring jobs this weekend which I never look forward to but I need the money so I never turn a job down if I can help it. Cant wait tell monday I only work sat. & sun this week so not too bad!!

2 Responses to “Friday!!”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Yard sales are great arent they?

    Sounds like a busy weekend for you! Your girls must have so much fun with you!

    Hope your weekend goes quickly (at work)...Happy mommas day!

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Sounds like great fun! Happy Mothers Day!Smile

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