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Well been a LONG day but fun!!!

May 26th, 2006 at 10:01 pm

Started out going to a few garage sales got a box set of hard books for .25 winnie the pooh super cute & some clothes for the girls one outfit NWT & a big sponge puzzle for .25 they played with that all night & spent $6 all together today all together so was thrilled & so were the kids.

Then I went & picked up oldest dd she had an early out then I picked up my mom & we did 2 testdrives together so we will get $75 each when they come so was happy with that. Stopped at chuckie cheese its been awhile since I been thier had some coupons & we were clear out by one we never can go to so we went thier the kids had a lot of fun my mom paid half too so after the coupon & that it only cost me $15 so not bad for me & my 3 kids they played games for about an hour.

THen went to my grandmas & got something she got free a bag of goodies even had dog treats in it so I gave that to my other grandmas dog the one who passed away & we have her dog then the kids all got stuff out of the bag too oldest dd took the socks & my youngest took the bag for a purse & middle dd took the perfume samples!!

Then came home was exhausted at least it was a day of trying to make money & the kids were not too bored they got free popcorn & cookies at one of the dealers!!

So that saved me stopping to buy them snacks too. So now just wait for the certificates too come. And get ready for work tommorrow which is the only day I work because of the holiday weekend. Even though today was kinda work but not really.

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