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memorial day weekend

June 2nd, 2006 at 07:35 pm

Cant believe June is here already & memorial day is over. Well Sunday dh got up early & the kids & I & him went to both cemetaries had flowers for both our dads & both our grandmas & both my grandpas. So had 6 all together 3 at one 3 at the other cause my one grandpa is buried at the same place as his family is. So we did all that I took pics of all the pretty flowers dh got mad at me about thaT. Then dh went to work & I took the kids to my moms on the lake & they swam then came home & oldest dd went to her dads & Monday dh had off so we all went to my moms she won this crazy drawing for a new patio set & huge monster grill & some money so we brought some food & she cooked it all on this new grill. Oh the food was so good!!

THe kids swam & my brother was thier upset he hurt his arm & couldnt get in a boat. he is a freak about boat & jet skis & all of that so he just stood by the lake with me & dh while we all wished we were out on a boat LOL!! But I decided we are not wasting money on a boat just yet even though dh is ready to after that!! I decided we need to pay the house off first & then save & then maybe buy a boat down the road & our youngest is only 2 so we should wait a few years tell she is older to buy one anyways. At least I did get him on the same page he wanted a 25k one & last night he decided he would settle for one under 2k more my style!!

So that was memorial day for us good food & fun with the whole family now this week MIL & that side will be here OH NO!!! I better get to cleaning house!!

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