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frugal pictures

June 6th, 2006 at 09:11 pm

Today we met with MIL & all of my childrens first cousins on that side to get pics taken at walmart spent an hour at least had lots of good pics of the kids. Well we went to look at them on the puter & some kid that came in with his mom had turned off the computer so only a few of the pics were saved. So my mil who was buying the pics got majority of them for free!!! Had to only retake a few to me it was worth it saved at least $20 or more!! So sometimes things like screwups can save us money. Then went back to dh's grandmas & visited with some kids from across country my husbands nieces to be exact & I havent seen them since they were tiny so it was a fun hot day think it was at least 100

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