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Well searching for a new job

June 30th, 2006 at 07:11 pm

I have decided I really really need to find something else maybe a reall job & do what I been doing on the side. So the last few weeks when not working I am out searching. I have an interview next week I talked my mom into applying thier too hoping if we both got on we could carpool its a little ways away. Some of the other places I havent heard back from & hoping to soon!!!

One job I really really want I had a interview with & havent heard back yet I called today they said it could be awhile before I hear back not a good sign IMO.

So many places have went under around here lately its really hard to find anything!! A big new company just came to town I went to apply thier but they are only hiring for 11-8 shift & I definetly cant do that with the kids & school & all.

Well oldest dd started babysitting she is an awesome babysitter. So I am thrilled about that I think she can make alot of money at it. I am trying to teach her indepdence!! Well thats all the excitement in my life for now looking forward to the 4th we all have the day off thank goodness!!!

1 Responses to “Well searching for a new job”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    Its such a relief when the older kids can start making money on their own. Mine pet sit too! It is an amazing way to start teaching them about money!

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