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Been a good week

July 15th, 2006 at 08:00 pm

Well we started the week off with dd age 5 catching a catfish!! She was so thrilled about it she ate it too!! Then me & the girls went to the denist for exams I am the only one with cavities the kids all look good!!
Then I took 2 of the girls to see a movie I had free tickets so we all watched for free!!

Then Wed. we went swimming & boating with my brother in his boat & then Thursday I took the kids to the zoo about an hour away oldest dd will leave with her dad for the rest of summer this week so wanted to do something fun before she goes knew we couldnt affor a vaction so figured a day trip was the next best thing oh & the kids had a blast!!

I spent under $75 for the one day trip & I did a testdrive while we were thier for $50 so figure I will come out about even.

The only regret I have is not taking my grandma up thier to see my great aunt both are getting up thier in age around mid to late eighties both hard of hearing so they dont talk on the phone anymore so I told my grandma we will take her up their in late august or sept. My great aunt also dont know who anyone is hardly so not sure how my grandma feels about seeing her ya know

Then today I worked my legs are killing me those cement floors are hard!! I have yet to find a new job but I dont think I will give up I will keep up the search we need the money to bad!!! I heard this week to the place I used to work at before quiting to be a sahm is gonna be coming back to this town & has a job fair on wed I am going but not holding my breath on getting hired I except tons of people to show up!! So the odds are againist me ya know

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