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Well things are looking brighter this week

July 21st, 2006 at 07:13 pm

Well my Dh got a new job thank goodness if it all works out we should be looking up!!

And thank goodness he is getting a better job after all the student loans he needs to repay & another great thing is its so close he could actually walk if he needs too!!

I know its gonnna be a rough start though he wont get a paycheck for 1 month & wont have ins for 3 months!! I know its for the better in the long run but short term it will be rough for a little while

The good news though is it comes at a good time in 10days he will get a 2 week vaction & hes just gonna cash it in so we will be able to live off that & then he will have a last paycheck so we are hoping to be covered!!

That & maybe eating really cheap for awhile I think it will be worth it in the end. Now if I can find something better & fulltime I am not too worried though I know come sept. I can find something for sure. I am not trying to hard now cause until school starts it really wouldnt be worth it for me to work ft. So that is our big news for the week hoping it all works out he is giving up 10yrs seniority & all of that so kinda scary ya know

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