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been crazy the last few days!!!

July 30th, 2006 at 08:56 pm

Well I worked this weekend my legs are killing me. I am quitting this job. I start my new one sept 5th thank goodness a sit down job or my old one you could call it. I worked thier 6yrs been gone 6yrs & just got hired back. I still cant believe I am looking for new daycares again tommorrow I want to go with something I can afford some are charging $6 or more an hour I just cant afford that. And tommorrow dh finds out his day that he will start his new job!!

Now to get our schedulese straight I know I will have sunday & mondays off & am not sure about him yet hoping its 2 other days so he can help more with the kids!! Would be cheaper on daycare costs!!

I am so excited I will be fixing computers over the phone kinda scared but excited to learn how to do all this with computers. And the money will help lately we couldnt even hardly pay the bills with both of us making more money we will at least pay the bills & start saving more!! So been an exciting week. not sure how the kids are gonna react with our new jobs but I am trying to get them to understand this is all good changes nothing bad.

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