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garage sale days

September 30th, 2006 at 09:26 pm

Well today was city wide garage sale days I had one made around $45 off stuff I got free mainly I had a stockpile sale my mom made $75 so it wasnt a complete waste. I spent about $20 getting my kids some awesome clothes & books.

I got big hard books for .25 & cute kohls & sears outfits all $2 or less I was so thrilled my 5 yr old seen the books & screamed she was so happy she loves books & these were all $20-$25 new books & they were in new condition too

I put half the books away for xmas so I got 6 of those books & about 10 outfits for $20 I am happy I cant believe all these people who were saling such nice expensive stuff so cheap.

I really hope my husband appreciates the fact that I buy garage sale stuff & am not out spending all his money like some of these people appeared they had done.

I mean one women had tables & tables of very expensive clothing items all kids clothes. I thought wonder how much in debt she went over that ya know I hope I never do stuff like that. I will stick to garage sales this was the first one I went to in a long time their is one more huge one next weekend & then I am done tell next spring and the kids should be set for the winter I cant believe the comments too I get on the garage sale clothes people always say oh how cute & so on oh ya I also sold some stuff I bought at garage sales last year & made back what I paid!!!

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  1. yummy64 Says:

    Nice shopping Smile

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