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IS this some KINDA TEST???!!!!

October 30th, 2006 at 09:29 pm

Well not only is my old car not selling NEVer has this happened to me either but my dryer is now almost completely dead so tommorrow its out to look for a new one!!!

I doubt my husband will come so I am on my own but thats ok I think I got the washer alone too so no biggie I guess probably better I can get the cheaper brand he would probably go with the more expensive which I see no point in.

And today I got notice that my ex owed $2700 in back taxes & they are taking back that in childsupport from me that was paid over 2 months ago to my daughter so I Have to pay it BACK!!! THe most screwed thing I have ever heard of but they did say they can take it out of future childsupport payments so I said go ahead well guess what that is 3yrs of childsupport so she is the only one whos being hurt by this but I wont let her suffer I will take care of her wether her dad does or not. SO that is that thiers no fighting this & dh says hire a lawyer & get the whole thing in order not that it will help the money will still have to be paid back so attorney wants $400 up front but it may put my ex in check he rarely pays & dont have to pay much at all.

It seems like this never ends its always something I am tired of it all the time its like how can you be frugal when you always have something expensive but this is getting to be more WAY MORe than I can handle!!! I want to cry but I am sure this too will pass but I really wish I could start adding to my savings again & its so hard with all this all the time.

Well thank goodness for halloween tommorrow I love halloween & yes I am frugal on that day I take my kids out trick or treating & no one is here to hand out candy so no expense thier guess I am saving thier. I am so excited my youngest is 2 1/2 so I know she will be fun this year!!!

2 Responses to “IS this some KINDA TEST???!!!!”

  1. JanH Says:

    Things always seem to happen in groups. I, too, have had the auto repair, washer die, something else go crazy routine several times. You WILL see daylight again! I have to keep reminding myself and not cry when it all comes down on me. So sorry about your child support cos I know you want that for your kids. Breathe deep and know you are a good mom and that we are pulling for you!

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    They can take your child's father's unpaid taxes out of her support money?! Are they at least going to handle the bookkeeping to show that he still owes the child support--that the same money cannot have covered both the support money and the taxes? Is there no negotiating to get at least a portion for your child?

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