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Did I say that???

November 8th, 2006 at 08:49 pm

Well did I say things couldnt get any worse well would you believe they did!!! My tire went out so I had to buy 2 new ones oh well taken care of now one thing at a time right!!!

Went & did 2 testdrives in the next town over will make around $60 when those come in so was worth it for me only took 30 mins in total then stopped & seen a friend up thier & stopped in their walmart got some kids outfits for $1 for next halloween!!! Used a $10 walmart GC I got in a trade so didnt spend much at walmart was glad for the halloween outfits they are so cute wanted some earlier but was waiting for a great clearance.

Well thats my day tired exhausted & stressed oh ya & ran kids around all day & had confernces tonight they were ok considering the teacher has been gone all year she had a baby & she was thier for conferences so she didnt know much about my daughter & what was going on the long term sub couldnt be thier so it was kinda hard!! The teacher thats been missing all year said my dd is one of her top students but I am kinda disappointed with what the teacher whos been gone knew about my dd which was just about noting!!! OH well will just keep working on everything she is in K this year so she dont know everything I mean thiers tons to learn yet

1 Responses to “Did I say that???”

  1. happyzookeeper Says:

    Hope you have a better day!

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