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BUSY BUSY busy weekend

November 11th, 2006 at 09:28 pm

Well worked today it was a zoo getting close to xmas will only get worse & today was my daughters 6th bday had a party for her friends last night & tonight we took her to Chuckie cheese I hope she is thrilled!!! Spent tons of time with my sil who came to town just for the bday she was the only relative besides my mom who seems to care about my kids so I gave her baby tons of stuff I got free baby meds & baby wash & diapers all kinds of stuff I hope she is happy with it. She just had a baby so I am hoping it comes in handy.

The kids loved seeing thier new cousin then went shopping at the mall had a coupon for $10/10 so got dh a pullover for $8 he was so happy hes been wanting new ones I just been waiting for a deal & went to B&Body works & got my free lotions spent $1 for my purchase cause it was buy something get the item free so stocking up on those for xmas!!!

Man I had never been thier before I cant believe the money people spend on that junk & the place is packed all the time!!!
So thats all I spent at the mall except for on dd's bday but I also used coupons at chuckie cheese!!! And spent a total of $11 on her presents I bought her a fish came she is most thrilled with a big letter book for .25 at a garage sale & $3 jammies on clearance which she also loves!!! Well back to church & work tommorrow pounding away at the old grindstone!!!

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