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November 24th, 2006 at 07:29 pm

I WAS in line at 4am at Sears for the $10 gc got that at 5am ran as fast as my legs could take me to shoe carnival & got $10 thier then ran to jcpenneys & got the free snow globe!!!

Then ran to younker to use my $10 off $10 coupons which I had 7 of I got fancy $30 pans for $5 bucks so I bought 3 of them!!!

I got my 2 youngest daughters addidas outfits for $12 a piece after the coupons & also bought them robes not a great deal on those but I feel in love with them & was screwed cause they didnt have a sign that said door buster or anything & the coupon couldnt be used on doorbusters well they rang up door buster what a crock!!! I could have argued but I was exhausted by that point & not in the mood heck everything in their was a DOORBUSTER SO IT WAS BY NO MEANS A SUPRISE!!!

Then I ran back to the mall & used my $10 gc at sears & got oldest dd a mp3 player for $10 after the coupon & rebate!!! Then went to bath & body works & used 2 coupons got two $10 items FREE WITH & SPENT $3 then went to hickory farms got a great deal on 2 logs of my favorite cheese waited a whole year for it was $8 all together after the earlybirds specials!!!

Then back to pennies got oldest dd some clothes she needed desperately for pics tommorrow not a great deal their either but she has to have 14plus in girls & they are the only place I can find it buts he really did need some jeans badly!!!

Then cruised back to shoe carnival & got 4 packs of socks for the kiddos $3 after $10 gift card then home!!! Picked up the girls & went for haircuts oldest & middle daugthers had buy 1 get one free thier so only $12 for both of them YAY!!!! Oh & no need to worry on gas I used my free $50 gas card I got in the mail!!! Does anyone appreciate this savings HECK NO DH thinks I spend too much HUH???

1 Responses to “OK I BRAVED BLACK FRIDAY!!!!”

  1. moneycents Says:

    You sound like a whirlwind. I hope you're not too exhausted today. Nice shopping. Sounds like you got yourself some great deals. Don't worry about hubby...men ususally don't get the whole clothes business.

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