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THis weekend

December 2nd, 2006 at 06:23 pm

Well I could rant on about my problems but I wont I dont want to bore myself with them so on a brighter note some things couldnt be going more better!!!

Got more bags of free items or super close to made up for xmas today I got 2 made up of some speciality coffees one for my grandma & one for my moms husband & that were totaly FREEE & one for my new niece of bath wash & rubby duckys & lotions for under $4 & I got 2 Bath & body works sets for free so one will go to my niece & one to my grandma.

Today I only spent about $10 I bought stamps & the kids supper we ate some buritos for lunch I got for free so felt I could splurge on dinner.

Went to walmart yesterday only spent $10 got milk pullups & eggs & stuff like that had a free pullups coupon so didnt have to pay much!!! Got the free movies from blockbusters free trial so thats been keeping the kiddos busy somewhat!! Oh ya also took them to the art center so spent no money on entertainment only the $10 eating out tommorrow we will go to church with my grandma & the kids will be practicing the upcoming xmas program!!! ALL & ALL a pretty good weekend!!!

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