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March 25th, 2007 at 08:47 pm

Well the last few weeks my husband is working 12 hrs a day 7days a week & I am working my 2 pt jobs & we are really paying down stuff fast. Well we havent even started getting big checks from it yet either I think we just dont have time to spend so its paying off in that respect too. But almost all our debt is gone & should by next month. That would be the first time in years we had 0

Well been 70 here lately perfect outside been taking the kids on the bike trail every night. They just love it & thier bikes are like new from last year so expenses thier.

Well garage sales kicked off here this weekend went to one huge one & didnt find much they raised the entry fee for sellers so their prices went up too much for me oh well I know their are tons more good ones to come. I cant wait & came home & started sorting threw the kids old stuff to get rid of come may's annual sale. Sorry if my senteces arent proper or spelled correctly but this my blog not school & I am only half awake as I type this.

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